Regulations & Enforcement


Parking violations in Beaufort vary according to the infraction. Penalties are applied if not paid within the first 30 days. Additional penalties are applied after 45 days. See table below:

ViolationWithin 30 Days31-45 DaysAfter 45 Days
Expired meter$10$25$45
Parking in fire lane$50$125$150
Parked on wrong side of street$25$75$100
Parked in no parking zone$50$125$150
Double parked$25$50$75
Blocking driveway$50$125$150
Parking in loading zone$50$125$150
Blocking a fire hydrant$75$175$200
Parking on private property$25$50$75
Parking illegally in handicapped space$500State MandateState Mandate
Boot fee$60$80$100
Boot fee (multiple violations)$100$100$100
Other parking violations$25$50$75

Penalties have been increased as of January 1, 2016. Click here for more info.