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How to Pay for On-Street Parking

Parking in Beaufort with the ParkMobile App

Pay for Parking Using Your Phone

Beaufort’s pay stations make paying for on-street parking convenient using the ParkMobile parking app. It’s easy to use and provide you with several payment options.

These pay-by-plate parking pay stations are used throughout the City, and require the driver to input their license plate number to pay for their parking.

Pro tip: A good method to remember your plate number is to take a picture from your smartphone once you park and walk to the nearest pay station.

How to Pay for Parking Using the App

Depending on the location pay stations either accept coins, bills, and credit and debit cards or coins and credit and debit cards only.

When parking, please remember your plate number, identify the nearest pay station, and follow the onscreen directions to enter you plate number and select your payment option.

Receipts are optional and you do not have to display it on your dash. Parking time limits still apply.

To pay for parking using the app, do the following:

  1. Enter zone number by referring to nearby signage or using the map.
  2. Select the duration of time you want to park.
  3. Confirm your information and start your parking session.
  4. Monitor your session and extend tie remotely if needed.
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Perks of Using Your Phone to Park in Beaufort

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Pay Station versus Single-Space Meter Parking in Beaufort

What is a parking pay station?

Pay stations replace traditional single space parking meters and offer more payment options. One pay station is typically installed for approximately every 8-10 parking spaces instead of at every space and are strategically located throughout the city.

What are single-space meters?

Single-space parking meters for on-street parking are located throughout the City of Beaufort. These single-space meters will accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or Amex), debit cards or coins.

Report a Meter Issue

Report a meter issue to help Beaufort improve parking for everyone.

On-Street Parking Rates

Find out how on-street parking rates differ across the city of Beaufort.