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SP+ Municipal Sevices

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Our SP+ Municipal Services operating group focuses exclusively on the municipal market, so our highly-trained personnel are experts at linking innovation with market-based expertise to deliver a comprehensive package of parking, transportation, event logistics, facility maintenance and security services for cities and public agencies across the country. Our sustainable and innovative solutions enhance our municipal clients’ economic bottom line as well as public perception of their municipal operations.

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SP+ Company Profile

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SP+ is a diverse provider of professional parking, ground transportation, facility maintenance, security and event logistics services to real estate owners and managers in a wide array of markets.

We are operations specialists who link innovation with exceptional market-based expertise in each of our service lines. With nine operating groups – each focusing exclusively on a single market – we are experts at understanding the specific needs and idiosyncrasies of those markets, and have the depth of experienced personnel and financial resources to satisfy them.

Our ability to deliver a portfolio of services as a single provider simplifies the administrative burden on our clients while also enabling them to leverage the economic benefits associated with a single relationship. Our clients have only one reporting relationship to manage, and we’re able to more effectively and efficiently deliver a range of services than typically possible through multiple providers.

Our organization’s cultural underpinning is a commitment to put Innovation In Operation. That means we are constantly challenging ourselves to use our tools and cultural attributes – innovation + creativity + excellence + integrity + initiative + knowledge + technology + experience + efficiency – to develop new and better ways of doing things in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of everything we do. That is our promise, both to ourselves and to you.

Multiple services + market expertise + cultural commitment, delivered by 23,000+ dedicated employees. That’s what SP+ is all about.

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